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‘SurrealEstate’ Director on Susan’s House Shocker & Being Inspired by Horror Movies

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 4 “I Put a Spell On You.”]

Susan (Sarah Levy) selected the incorrect working day to choose time off from the place of work on SurrealEstate. And though we understood anything was heading to be up with her new dwelling, what transpires certainly is a shock.

At any time considering that Luke (Tim Rozon) returned to do the job soon after using time absent himself to offer with the reduction of his powers, he and Susan, who took manage though he was absent, have been clashing. Just after working as a result of matters that will need to be finished, she finishes off her concept to him with, “I’m dealing with some personal business, so I’m not sure when I’ll be back in the office, but seeing as nothing ever changes at the perfect Roman Agency, I’m sure you have everything well in hand. Toodles.” She acknowledges the “toodles” was a little bit a lot, but as her good household unit tells her, “it was a nice touch — cordial yet dismissive,” right before inquiring if she’d like some tea.

By the conclusion of the episode, on the other hand, the dwelling was maintaining her from attending an celebration she’d prepared. “I’ve enjoyed having you here these past few days,” the house’s method informed her. “We’ve bonded.” And no subject how a lot Susan experimented with to challenge orders — “Unlock the door” and “Shut down security system” — it refused to pay attention. Relatively, the partitions shut in on her as she protested, “House, let me out!” and swallowed her up.

“It was seriously enjoyable developing these and working towards with Sarah and acquiring approaches to observe the dwelling gobble her up. I was constantly seriously thrilled about the scene where by Susan is eaten by the dwelling since I have constantly liked the ghost partitions from flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street. I seriously adore these insane rubber possessed partitions from horror flicks, and I have constantly desired to do the job with them,” director Danishka Esterhazy tells Television Insider. “We had so much fun planning that and I wanted it to be really spooky and it was a lot of fun to shoot.”

She loved doing work with Levy. “She’s a really nuanced actor, and the house becomes a kind of foil for Susan,” the director points out. “It’s a symbol of Susan’s aspirations and maybe an element of Susan’s romantic side, and it exposes some of Susan’s loneliness. And Sarah has these beautiful moments in that house where she’s alone, but she’s showing us so much of what her character is going through.”

The storyline is also established in the great locale for the storyline.&nbsp“It’s a beautiful house architecturally. It’s up on this very high hill that overlooks the ocean and the city, and it’s like a modern gothic home in a lot of ways because it’s so isolated and has such an interesting landscape and view,” states Esterhazy.

Thinking of Susan just took time off do the job, who will be the 1st to understand something’s incorrect? “It’s so intricate. I imagine Zooey [Savannah Basley] is heading to be the 1 who’s heading to determine it out 1st,” the director previews. “They’ve built this bond and this friendship, and Zooey’s genuinely really concerned about how Susan’s feeling with Luke’s return and how Susan isn’t being valued and respected and she feels a loyalty to Susan. So I think she’ll investigate it and figure it out.”

Let us just hope that transpires ASAP!

SurrealEstate, Wednesdays, 10/9c, Syfy

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