Survivor Season 41 Episode 10 Review: Baby With A Machine Gun

It is the finish of the street for Shan Smith, the self-proclaimed “Mafia pastor.”

On an psychological&#xA0Survivor Year 41 Episode 10, we stated goodbye to the season’s most divisive participant.

Just after Ricard turned on her, Shan was blindsided and still left the video game with an idol in her pocket.&#xA0

Ricard & Danny - tall - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

I have been unapologetically professional-Shan this entire time. Her ebullience and enjoy of the video game shone by in her confessionals. She dominated a great deal of the early narrative on Ua, and she fashioned genuine interactions, notably with Liana. She designed strategic moves dependent on razor-sharp instinct.&#xA0&#xA0

Even so, it was her loyalty that finished up becoming her downfall. Shan was only eager to flip on Deshawn if it intended conserving Ricard — and it was her substantial regard for Ricard that dropped her the video game.

Mainly because Shan and Ricard ended up thrust with each other by circumstance, there was normally a healthful disconnect there that intended they could be definitely straightforward with every other.

It was a pretty business enterprise-like partnership — far more about regard than enjoy,&#xA0

You are normally 1 marriage absent from extending your existence in this video game or having your torch snuffed.


I have to acknowledge her “winner’s” edit fooled me. Eighth area is not how Shan must have absent out. It is an unsatisfying end for a participant who managed so a great deal of the video game. But she performed really hard, which place a focus on on her again, and she reliable the improper individuals.

Shan in the challenge - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

Irrespective of the disappointing last vote, this was a riveting episode of fact tv.

Reward difficulties are normally far more enjoyable when the winner has to pick out individuals to go with them. It can make successful benefits a double-edged sword.

Ricard was vocal about justifying his options — Shan and Heather experienced scarcely eaten the full time, and Xander experienced “selflessly” presented up many possibilities for benefits.

These forms of moves can be tricky to navigate, but Ricard dealt with it all expertly.&#xA0

It is disappointing they did not clearly show the finish of the evening write-up-pizza. Would not it have been enjoyable to see the 4 of them all in 1 significant mattress with each other? Then all over again, it truly is far more possible they every received their possess independent beds. That would be the only way to get a very good night’s slumber!&#xA0

Xander flip - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

The finest matter you can be in Survivor is emotionally smart.

Shan could read through her fellow gamers, but she did not know how to appease all of them. You won’t be able to just pay attention — individuals will need to really feel read, and they will need their viewpoints to have price. (For what it truly is really worth, the winner of Survivor: Philippines is the finest illustration of this attribute.)

The magnificent matter about this episode was that it proved how human these gamers are. They are not just strategic video game-bots. They never just treatment about if they acquire or not — they treatment about their route to the finish, their friendships, who sits with them, and what a acquire for them or their allies could imply.

Liana and Shan fashioned a bond that will possible past a life time. Their summit conference was an psychological emphasize of the time that arrived comprehensive circle listed here.

Over and above this video game, I just really feel a enjoy in my coronary heart for you.

Liana [to Shan]

Liana’s honesty may possibly have value her the video game — and it unquestionably screwed Shan more than mainly because of Shan’s loyalty to Ricard — but that can from time to time be the selling price of possessing genuine friendships in this video game. Near, 1-on-1 partnerships can assistance get you to the finish, but they can be harmful if you happen to be not cautious.

Deshawn & Danny - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

Deshawn and Danny have been with each other given that Working day A person. That is a heck of a tale if they make it to the finals with each other. It may possibly be really hard to differentiate by themselves, but Deshawn could swing items in his favor by reminding absolutely everyone how a great deal he has place himself out there.&#xA0

Danny talked a significant video game about loyalty, but he was brief to flip on Shan and Liana when it arrived down to it. His intestine was to adhere with Erika, but he acknowledges that Shan would have been a more substantial menace.

We are all liars listed here.


It appears hypocritical to accuse Shan of becoming two-confronted when he and Deshawn easily stabbed Liana in the again with this vote.

If Shan experienced performed her idol, Liana would have absent house! That is barely the transfer of a faithful ally.&#xA0

Erika smiles - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

Erika’s strategic enjoy is ultimately getting appropriate. It may possibly be way too small way too late, but she saved herself and her buddy, Heather (who would be a wonderful particular person to sit subsequent to in the finals).

The Shan vote was offered as Ricard’s transfer, while, so not likely Erika would get credit score for it, even while it could not have transpired without having her enter.&#xA0

Erika has at the same time been an underdog and a wild card this time — but her edit is so uneven, it truly is really hard to know where by her arc will land.&#xA0

A person thing’s for absolutely sure — she’s the queen of metaphors and similes. Erika and Xander are by much the finest at crafting 1-liners and evoking the imagery that elevates the Survivor into anything far more than just fact tv — and they are normally on place.

The toughest matter with Shan is she has an idol, and it truly is just about like offering a little one a device gun.


Deshawn concentrates - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

There are 7 gamers still left in the video game. Who among them is most possible to acquire?&#xA0

Danny: Could be a sleeper winner. Danny’s been a regular existence, but his good results normally arrived from becoming in the dominant tribe. He is a sound strategic participant, but he may possibly have hassle separating his achievements from Deshawn.

Deshawn: If Ricard’s not in the Remaining A few, Deshawn will possible acquire. He has been a likable narrator and a charismatic existence all through the full time. He has outplayed quite a few of his allies. Deshawn has performed a great deal far more aggressively than Danny, and present day juries have a tendency to reward that.&#xA0

Erika: Sad to say, she’s an outlier for the title, but I am nevertheless rooting for the feisty small Canadian time traveler! We hold listening to about what a sneaky participant she is without having genuinely having to see a ton of her moves. She possibly will never acquire, but it would be a surprising thrill if she did.&#xA0

Liana has had enough - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

Liana: She could acquire in a Remaining A few with Heather and Erika, which is not outdoors the realm of risk. If she goes to the finish with Danny and Deshawn, a acquire is not likely except she individually achieves her target of ousting Xander and will get some far more notches on her resume.

Heather: There is no circumstance in which Heather wins. But she could very easily make Remaining A few mainly because she’s this kind of a non-menace.

Ricard:&#xA0Odds-on most loved to acquire at this place. He utilized his closest ally as a protect and received rid of her at the ideal time. He is overtaken Xander as the problem beast, so he’ll will need to hold successful (like the fireplace-producing problem) to continue to be harmless at tribal council, but if he can make it to Remaining A few, he is using the title.&#xA0

Xander: You should not rely out Xander! He was the to start with to locate the “Beware Benefit,” and now he is the only 1 still left. He nevertheless has his idol, and the menace of it has loomed substantial given that prior to the merge. Would it be frustrating to have one more youthful, straight, white male winner? Of course. But he would have acquired it.&#xA0

For the past few times, I have been the lone soldier.


Xander looking up - Survivor Season 41 Episode 10

Irrespective of the “most possible” to acquire the video game becoming ousted, this was a approximately-ideal episode. It experienced two difficulties, plenty of tactic and intelligent gameplay, as very well as some truly psychological times from gamers hoping to strike balances concerning their heads and hearts.&#xA0

Adore her or despise her, you have to acknowledge this time would not have been the identical without having Shan (which is far more than can be stated about some other gamers).&#xA0

What did you imagine of this episode? Are you content to see Shan ousted or unhappy she did not make it to the finish?

Share your views in the responses!

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