Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Little Girl Blue

Regrettably, we did not have a farewell for Miller.

If you tuned into Station 19 Time five Episode six anticipating some sort of sendoff for Miller in the type of other people discovering of his demise, a funeral, or some touching gesture to honor his memory, very well, they failed to supply any of that.

They talked about him a good deal, and we observed Vic, Jack, and Andy processing his decline, but that was about it.

Confiding in Jack -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

It can be disappointing, you know?

Dean was a character who stole our hearts from Station 19 Time one Episode one. He deserved one thing substantially grander and far more significant than to get damage by the conclusion of Station 19 Time five Episode five and get pronounced useless on Grey’s Anatomy Time 18 Episode five just before the opening credits concluded.

Mourning for Dean acquired shoved into a chaotic household getaway installment.

Now, the focus will change to matters like Maya determining to have youngsters with Carina, Travis’ father coming out of the closet, and a custody fight involving the Millers and the Bailey-Warren household.

Vic is the a single man or woman who acquired to grieve Dean the most and brazenly.

Moving On Since Dean -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

She’s damaged-hearted, and she’s even going for walks all-around with an alarm that alerts her about her coronary heart. We acquired that montage of anyone by her bedside and examining on her when she processed Dean’s decline and recovered.

It felt like they cheated us of so substantially, you know?

Apparently, the clearly show desires to go down the route of discovering how a single man or woman can grieve in a myriad of means.

Diane: You might be punishing on your own for not currently being in adore with him again one thing your mind understood due to the fact you are not dumb. You have been concerned of what would occur if it was genuine.
Vic: Thank you for the pie.
Diane: You men usually sense improved when you converse to me. I really don’t have an understanding of why you struggle me on it to start with.

The godsend that is Diane dropped by the station, and she talked with Vic, which was a single of the greatest scenes of the hour.

Vic admitted that she felt compelled to grieve the identical way for Dean that she did for Ripley. She felt dreadful that when Ripley died, she was joking and gentle-hearted. And it was likely the series’ way of addressing the problems by lovers that Vic appeared way too “all right” when Ripley handed absent.

Dr. Diane Lewis counsel - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 12

Certain, Station 19. Are we rolling with that? Okay.

But this time, she’s sadder and glummer, but that helps make her speculate if it reads that she cared about Dean far more than Ripley due to the fact she’s sadder. Yeah, in any case, Diane’s guidance was ideal, as for each typical.

There is no correct or improper way to grieve, and just due to the fact she was a single way with Ripley failed to necessarily mean she experienced to be the identical for Dean. It also failed to mirror on her adore for possibly of them.

Of study course, adore was a aspect for her due to the fact she harbored some guilt that she failed to share the identical passionate adore for Dean that he experienced for her.

Pru Plays Piano-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

Diane is correct inspite of what she claims, deep down, she experienced to suspect Dean experienced emotions for her and was making an attempt to steer clear of it out of panic that acknowledging them would destroy their friendship.

And due to the fact of all of these emotions, she experienced a tricky time experiencing Pru.

In the meantime, bad Jack was a powder keg of emotion ready to explode.

He held accomplishing anything at all to distract from the decline of his brother, and weirdly, anyone appeared to be offering him a huge berth of place when what he likely wanted was a little bit far more aid.

Talking It Out-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

Ironically, Carina stepped in made available him her text of knowledge as anyone who experienced just lately missing her brother, way too. And you would never ever believe that Maya’s ex-boyfriend and her spouse would have this significant relationship, but in some way, they have fostered a lovely romance.

Carina will get Jack, and she appreciates ample about him to have an understanding of that shedding Dean is the equal of her shedding Andrew for Jack. She was the ideal man or woman to converse him as a result of matters and remind him that it really is Okay to chuckle, cry, do no matter what he wanted to allow all the feelings he is been harboring out.

You know, Jack, I missing my brother, way too. And it feels like you won’t be able to get air in your lungs, like very little will be all right yet again, like you will never ever sense pleasure yet again. So you consider to thrust it down, you consider not to sense it, and the dreadful irony is that, the far more you thrust it down, the more time it stays. So you have to allow it out, to cry, to chuckle, and to cry yet again, which is all the identical factor, by the way, crying, and laughing, and screaming and dancing, it allows it out of your system, and you need to have it out of your system due to the fact when it will come out, it leaves space for gentle to arrive in.


He failed to react to her at the second. He opted to occupy himself improperly, creating a Thanksgiving meal that established off the alarms and triggered a collection of catastrophes. But then he experienced a coronary heart-aching second of launch when he went from laughing at Beckett slipping due to the fact of the sprinkler technique to brazenly weeping.

Even then, only Andy made available a pat on the again in aid.

Auntie Carina -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

Ideally, if aspect of the time will have the station coping with the decline of Dean, the focus will not only target on Vic. Jack is a single of all those people which the collection struggles to give a persuasive and regular storyline. We have found Vic and Andy grieving a terrific offer all over this collection, Travis, way too.

Jack warrants a little bit far more target in this regard, as he was the a single closest to Dean, and you can find no way Dean’s demise will not influence Jack for the relaxation of the time.

Andy did that factor where by she produced it about herself a little bit, but at the very least she’s far more self-conscious.

Andy is an grownup whose father died, and she sees herself in her father’s cherished very little namesake.

Suddenly Self-Aware-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

All those times with Andy and Pru have been the sweetest. Andy is so great with youngsters, and my goodness, Janai Kaylani is the cutest very little kid at any time! Her chubby very little cheeks, I just required to arrive at as a result of the display screen and kiss them!

Every single time she outlined her father or requested her father’s whereabouts, my coronary heart shattered into items.

Andy has this attachment to Pru, and her friendship with Theo is a terrific improvement this time. She went off on him about creating Dean’s adore for Vic about him, but then swiftly recognized that she was the a single who was accomplishing that. And he experienced place to notify her how unfair it is that his emotions and processing have been considered invalid.

It can be one thing that carried in excess of to Andy’s second with Beckett. He, way too, felt like he could not invest meal with the other people due to the fact of how very little he suits in with them. He is conscious that no a single desires him there, and it really is creating matters not comfortable for him due to the fact of his attachment to the put.

Theo Smiles -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

But he also appeared to be battling a little bit of survivor’s guilt. They missing Dean, and he acquired wounded but survived.

He is these a lone wolf, but in excess of time, he could it in with the relaxation of the squad properly. How lengthy just before he and Andy hook up yet again?

He introduced the possibility yet again, but she declined. It would not feel like the relationship they have is in excess of, nevertheless, no matter of her sentiments for Sullivan.

And Travis’ challenges with his father and Ben’s in excess of-hooked up badge bunny storylines both equally blessedly arrived to a head.

Turkey Fiasco -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

On the Travis entrance, they have been dragging this factor with his closeted father for way way too lengthy, and it was overdue for Paul to arrive out of the closest and Norah to find out the truth of the matter. Sadly, no a single deserved for it to arrive out like that.

It can be a advanced storyline, and I get that we are meant to sympathize with Paul and conclude that Travis should’ve completed the identical, way too, but Paul produced it tricky.

You thrust, and you thrust, and you thrust! I am homosexual! I am in adore with a guy! And my son will not give me a single moment of peace!


Understandably, it really is been tricky for him to arrive to grips with his sexuality and arrive out of the closet. But a closeted married man or woman carrying on affairs with anyone exterior of their relationship without the need of their husband or wife recognizing about it needs far more nuance.

We are meant to clearly show grace to this guy due to the fact of his sexual id struggles and acceptance, but it really is been coming at the expenditure of his charming spouse. How are we meant to reconcile with this?

Coming Out  - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

At some position, substantially like Travis, the only factor I felt towards Paul was indignant that he held lying to and stringing his spouse alongside. Her emotions should’ve been legitimate, way too.

Emmett tried to include some point of view to the predicament due to the fact he confronted one thing very similar, and that reminder does make Travis feel like a hypocrite, but it however failed to make anything at all Paul was accomplishing Okay.

And bad Nora has been in adore with this guy for so lengthy that she failed to want to know the truth of the matter and blamed Travis for blowing up their pleasure.

She understood matters have been off due to the fact he stopped obtaining intercourse with her, but he was however her greatest pal who did all the other things they fortunately have completed as a few for several years.

A Thanksgiving Together - Station 19

I get that she failed to want to eliminate that, and she’s probably ready to settle for a partner who isn’t really romantically or sexually intrigued in her, but she warrants improved. He can be her greatest pal and however established her no cost, so they both equally have satisfying adore life.

The good thing is, Carina and Maya are however in their newlywed period of domestic bliss, and who would not adore that for them?

We can do this, I can do this. Let us have a child.


Carina was lovable with Pru! She’s a normal with youngsters, and you won’t be able to fault Maya for determining in all those times that she required a household with Carina immediately after all.

Carina has so substantially adore to give, and the two of them would be the greatest dad and mom. With Carina all-around, it likely places Maya’s intellect at simplicity that she will not develop into like her father or mom.

Marina and Baby-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

She can be a&#xA0 great a mother or father without the need of repeating a cycle. Of study course, she’ll have to get far more relaxed with the small individuals. She failed to even know what to do with Pru right up until she confirmed up, and it was hilarious.

It can be these a large stage for Maya. Her expansion as this girl who is shedding the trauma of her previous and flourishing in this loving romance is lovely.

Pru has these a favourable result on anyone, and it really is far more motive why she wants to be with Warren and Bailey.

What begun as a lovable hour where by Bailey staked her assert to her partner when Ingrid confirmed up advanced to far more significant issues.

Ready for Kids  - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6

Ingrid failed to tackle the information that Ben was married very well, and her suicide try on the rooftop was nerve-wracking. Immediately after the decline of her partner, she fixated on Ben as a substitute of processing her trauma.

Amid her discussions with Ben as he attempted to converse her down, you could perception that she was this lonely girl who wanted caring individuals in her lifetime and a therapist.

Loving anyone that substantially, only to eliminate them, is tricky, and the factor with demise is individuals clearly show up in the instant aftermath but are inclined to fade absent immediately after a when. The visits and foods halt at some position, and other people have on with their life anticipating you to go on, way too.

And then, all you are remaining with is decline and emptiness.

Ben breakfast - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 13

Dean’s dad and mom likely sense the identical way immediately after his demise, and they want to fill that void in their life with Pru. But assuming Dean has lawful paperwork that backs up his choice they should not have him.

Dean produced it very clear who he required to elevate his kid, and as dreadful as you sense for his dad and mom, they ought to do what is appropriate for Pru and regard his last would like.

Thank you for meal, and for hunting immediately after my granddaughter. Consider treatment.

Mr. Miller

His father was indignant and impolite. But Bailey managed to get him to invest meal with them, and you could see that he was influenced by the adore in that space.

It failed to halt him from having Pru with him when he remaining, and the way he mentioned goodbye and many thanks recommended that he experienced no intentions of bringing her again to the station yet again, allow on your own offering her again to Bailey and Ben.

Stronger Together  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 13

Bailey has fallen so totally in adore with this child. Regrettably, this will need a hell of a struggle.

Above to you, Station 19 Fanatics. Are you upset with the deficiency of Dean sendoff? How are you sensation about this arc with Travis and his father? Seem off down below!

You can observe Station 19 on-line below by means of Television set Magazine.

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