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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 Episode 6: Thanksgiving Turns Tense (RECAP)

It&#x2019s Thanksgiving in Shondaland Seattle, and in Gray&#x2019s Anatomy Year 18, Episode six&#x2014&#x201CEvery Working day Is a Holiday getaway (With You)&#x201D&#x2014some docs are carving up turkey, some are carving out R&ampR, and some are carving in the running area. &#x201CI minimize on Thanksgiving, just not on turkey,&#x201D Richard (James Pickens Jr.) states.

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 6, “Every Day Is a Holiday (With You).”]

In Minnesota, Nick (Scott Speedman) is driving Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to the airport for her flight again to Seattle. He&#x2019s preparing on driving up to his cabin for the vacation, and he invitations her together, but she demurs, declaring she needs to get again to her little ones. But it&#x2019s only when she&#x2019s out of the car or truck and he&#x2019s pulling absent that she receives an notify that her flight has been canceled because of to inclement weather conditions.

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6 Nick

John Fleenor/ABC

So Mer checks into a lodge and phone calls Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), who&#x2019s searching above Mer&#x2019s little ones. Zola receives on the contact and tells Mer not to stress about Thanksgiving, declaring they actually shouldn&#x2019t be celebrating this sort of a professional-colonization vacation in any case.

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Mer then phone calls Nick, retaining him corporation on his two-hour travel up to his cabin. But then there&#x2019s a knock on the doorway of her lodge area, and wouldn&#x2019t you know it, it&#x2019s Nick. He turned about to continue to keep her corporation&#x2014in particular person. She&#x2019s delighted to see him. And she needs to explain a little something he mentioned on their telephone contact: that his niece and surgical treatment had been his priorities, earlier tense. &#x201CRight,&#x201D he replies, coming nearer. &#x201CPriorities can alter.&#x201D

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And with that, he and Meredith start out kissing, and their kissing turns to a entire-blown intercourse scene, the likes of which we most likely wouldn&#x2019t have witnessed if Gray&#x2019s nevertheless experienced its eight-o&#x2019-clock time slot!

Again in Seattle, Owen (Kevin McKidd), Teddy (Kim Raver), and Megan (Abigail Spencer) are shirking Thanksgiving with Evelyn Hunt, Owen and Megan&#x2019s mother, to expend the working day with Farouk (Bardia Seiri), Megan&#x2019s son, who&#x2019s recuperating from his pericarditis procedure. The team&#x2014minus Owen, who receives pulled absent&#x2014joins Cormac (Richard Flood) for a activity of Monopoly.

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6 Farouk Megan Teddy Cormac

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And in a just one-on-just one chat just after Farouk falls asleep, Teddy admits to Megan that she&#x2019s staying away from Evelyn, due to the fact she&#x2019s not confident how Evelyn would respond to Owen and Teddy&#x2019s son, Leo, sporting attire and other gender-expansive garb. But Megan provides Teddy sage assistance, declaring, &#x201CHe&#x2019s your son. You have to combat for him, regardless of the price tag.&#x201D

Out of the blue, Farouk goes into V-fib because of to coronary heart failure, and just after Teddy can&#x2019t resuscitate him, Cormac needs that Farouk be place on an ECMO equipment. And as a tearful Megan watches above her son, Teddy places him on the checklist for a coronary heart transplant.

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6 Owen Megan Cormac Farouk

John Fleenor/ABC

As for Owen, he&#x2019s amazed to see his pulmonary-fibrosis client, Noah (Johnny Rey Diaz), again in the clinic. Noah, just one of the veterans who are struggling health and fitness impacts from melt away-pit publicity, collapsed in the course of his grocery-bagging position. Noah&#x2019s spouse, Heather, and son, Danny, demonstrate up at the clinic, and Noah asks Owen to uncover some way to distract Danny. So Owen can take Danny to engage in online video game titles, but Danny appreciates the rating. He asks Owen if his Noah is likely to die, introducing that he just doesn&#x2019t want his father to damage any more.

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Later on, when Noah has a upper body tube inserted to re-inflate his collapsed lung, he asks Owen a identical dilemma, pondering how considerably more time he&#x2019ll have to put up with, how considerably more time he&#x2019ll have to place his loved ones via this ordeal, and how considerably more time he&#x2019ll spoil holiday seasons. &#x201CSoon,&#x201D Owen states. &#x201CIt&#x2019ll be above shortly.&#x201D

Bailey (Chandra Wilson), in the meantime&#x2014who&#x2019s upset about shedding Pru, orphaned daughter of not long ago-deceased Station 19 firefighter Dean, to Dean&#x2019s father&#x2014can take Heather to an vacant client area so that Heather can acquire her convert to drop aside. Bailey appreciates what it&#x2019s like to sense obligated to keep it with each other when all you want to do is scream and sob and punch a little something.

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In the meantime, Richard and Levi (Jake Borelli) seem out above a rather quiet ER. In point, it&#x2019s far too quiet for Thanksgiving. But then they listen to screeching tires, and they operate out to the ambulance bay in time to see a female pull up in a minivan, bounce out of the car or truck, hand them a pecan pie, and vomit.

The female is Ashley, who&#x2019s 31 months expecting with her fifth little one. Turns out, she has a perforated appendix and demands to go through an open up appendectomy and possibly even a hysterectomy. In advance of the procedure, although, she asks Jo (Camilla Luddington) to at minimum tie her tubes if a hysterectomy isn&#x2019t vital. She doesn&#x2019t want any a lot more little ones if pregnancies are likely to be this traumatic.

Jo efficiently provides the newborn, and confident more than enough, she has to complete a hysterectomy, far too. As Ashley recovers, her spouse asks Jo why Ashley didn&#x2019t point out not seeking a lot more little ones. &#x201COur culture doesn&#x2019t give ladies a great deal of authorization to chat about what they want, to chat about what they need to have, to talk to for assistance,&#x201D Jo responds. &#x201CMaybe you don&#x2019t hold out for her to talk to for assistance. Probably just&#x2026 assistance.&#x201D

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6 Levi Nico Jo

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As for Levi, he&#x2019s amazed to see his mother demonstrate up with a Thanksgiving meal for him and Nico (Alex Landi). Levi scrubs in on Ashley&#x2019s circumstance, so it&#x2019s up to Nico to continue to keep Levi&#x2019s mother corporation in the clinic cafeteria. And above Thanksgiving kugel, she needles him about relationship and small children, even inquiring, &#x201CDo you have any genetic markers that we need to have to be mindful of?&#x201D

Right after Levi&#x2019s mother can take her depart, Nico and Levi are joined in the cafeteria by Jo, Richard, and Bailey. The team of docs have their very own lower-important Thanksgiving celebration. &#x201CIt&#x2019s significant that we&#x2019re with each other,&#x201D Richard tells the team.

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6 Richard Bailey Levi

John Fleenor/ABC

And again at Meredith&#x2019s dwelling, Website link (Chris Carmack) delivers Scout above for time with Amelia, but she has Website link adhere about just after she discovers that he has no Thanksgiving programs. In addition to, it&#x2019ll give them a probability to do the job out their co-parenting kinks. &#x201CMight as very well determine out how to do this now,&#x201D she states.

But their Thanksgiving prep is a catastrophe: Amelia under no circumstances turned on the oven to cook dinner the turkey. So they make Thanksgiving bagel bites alternatively. The little ones appear to be great with the choice vacation meal, so Amelia and Website link breathe a sigh of reduction&#x2026 right until Mer&#x2019s son, Bailey, asks them what intercourse is. Yikes!

We don&#x2019t see how Amelia and Website link reply to that dilemma, but we do get to see Website link goofily dancing together with the little ones just after meal, as an amused Amelia watches on. And when Amelia places the little ones down to mattress, she compliments Website link&#x2019s parenting expertise. They start out generating out&#x2014and they continue to keep generating out even just after Amelia tells Website link that very little has adjusted for her. Passionate reconciliation, maybe? We&#x2019ll uncover out when Gray&#x2019s returns in 3 months&#x2019 time&#x2026

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Gray&#x2019s Anatomy, Thursdays, nine/8c, ABC

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