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Fear the Walking Dead Recap: [Spoiler] Is Made a Heartbreaking Casualty of Sarah’s Desperate Search for Wendell

C’mon, Panic the Going for walks Lifeless. Did you have to? Did you seriously have to? In Sunday’s episode, the AMC drama killed off maybe the most liked character this facet of Pet. And we are so pissed, we are gonna will need a moment to procedure it. Shall we shell out that moment recapping? Let us (grr!) give it (grr!) a shot (grr!).

Right after Sarah woke up publish-nuclear blast amongst close friends (Al, Charlie, Lucy, Wes, Daniel, all specified about a line apiece), she designed it her mission to find her extended-MIA twin brother Wendell. In no time, her initiatives experienced drawn the awareness of Emile’s twin brother Josiah, who presented to uncover Wendell for her &#x2014&#xA0in trade for Morgan’s true head to position in the box in which he was carrying all-around Emile’s zombified one particular. Sarah, as you would count on her to be, was unwilling, but Josiah was not way too eager on using no or something resembling it for an reply.

Right before extended, the duo, alongside with Rufus (who you are going to remember by some means arrived into Josiah’s possession), ran afoul of a Stalker whose barn complete of stripped-down walkers also housed&#x2026 Wendell’s wheelchair! Freaking out, Sarah attacked the dude, who in change allow unfastened a bunch of walkers. She then tried using to depart Josiah powering, rushing off in his Park Ranger truck. When he even now managed to get into the auto, she drove it off a cliff with them and Rufus in it.

Would no one particular at any time freaking consider about the pet dog? It was not like he experienced a seatbelt!

Due to the fact this is Tv set, anyone survived the crash &#x2014 even Rufus &#x2014 but they have been trapped in the truck&#x2026 and suitable up coming to a a great deal-ballyhooed leaky nuclear warhead. What are the odds, suitable? Sarah walkie-talkie’d Morgan for enable, but only for the reason that she was absolutely sure that Josiah was not seriously a killer. (Mmkay&#x2026 )

When finally, Morgan arrived to guide the not likely tag group in fending off walkers, Josiah explained that Sarah was suitable. He was not heading to destroy Morgan &#x2014 Emile was. With that, he pulled out his brother’s head as if to allow it chunk Morgan. When it was despatched traveling in the ensuing dustup, guess who obtained bitten?

Uh-huh. Rufus. What have I completed? cried Josiah as we rhetorically cried, What have you completed? This present&#x2026&#xA0seriously.

fear the walking dead recap season 7 episode 4 rufus dog diesRight after Rufus was buried, Morgan, Sarah and Josiah designed tracks to Victor’s tower to see if Wendell was there. And on arriving, Strand gleefully exposed that not only was Sarah’s brother there, he was flourishing. But if Victor despatched Wendell out to see Sarah, whose loyalty experienced been missing, in Victor’s estimation, there was no heading back again.

So Sarah begged Strand not to even explain to Wendell that she experienced been there. She would go back again to the Pennsylvania with Morgan. And as for Josiah? Very well, he was welcome to sign up for them, but he most well-liked to go it by yourself for a although more time. Due to the fact in a zombie-infested publish-nuclear wasteland, that tends to make feeling.

Eventually, as Breathe With Me exhaled for the very last time, we discovered that the Stalkers, whose goal frankly remained completely unclear, experienced acquired that leaky nuclear warhead. And even now no Alicia. No Isabelle. But we experienced time to destroy Rufus? Argh. What did you consider of the episode? Are you gripped by the way that Period seven is building? Strike the remarks with your critiques.

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