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‘The Walking Dead’: We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together (RECAP)

[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 8, “For Blood.”]

Soon after this, Daryl&#x2019s (Norman Reedus) likely to require to hear to a full whole lot of Taylor Swift. And probably some Adele, also.

Unnecessary to say, matters don&#x2019t go effectively for the archer and his form of, probably, kinda girlfriend Leah (Lynn Collins) in &#x201CFor Blood.&#x201D (That seem you listen to is &#x201CDonnie&#x201D and &#x201CCaryl&#x201D &#x2018shippers cheering.) But in a whole lot of techniques, the 1st midseason finale of The Going for walks Useless&#x2019s eleventh and remaining time feels like it must&#x2019ve been a two-portion episode. The 41-moment installment poses a lot more concerns than it responses, and the concerns it does response are couple.

Maggie&#x2019s (Lauren Cohan) efficiently pushed the horde to Meridian, with the enable of her good friends. Daryl, within Meridian&#x2019s partitions, should occur to conditions with the simple fact that Leah isn&#x2019t pretending to be a Reaper like he is, which spots her in grave hazard. In Alexandria, a fatal storm threatens to split the neighborhood aside plank by plank, leaving them susceptible to the walkers outside the house. Right here&#x2019s how it comes about.

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 8, Ritchie Coster as Pope

Josh Stringer/AMC

In Meridian, Maggie and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) make it within the partitions and start the 2nd portion of their prepare. Whilst she goes just after a motor vehicle to knock down the gates and enable the walkers in, Gabriel finds himself a window so he can provide as lookout and sniper. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) proceed to wander with the walkers.

Whilst all of this is likely on, Daryl has a sequence of not comfortable discussions with the Reapers that culminate in the greatest not comfortable discussion with Leah. No extended capable to fake he&#x2019s on their aspect, Daryl kills a Reaper and throws the dude above the wall, discreetly offers Maggie instructions on the place to go in just the compound and, as the Reapers unleash a new weapon (which appears to be like like dozens of arrows strapped to dynamite sticks?), he arrives cleanse to Leah. He tells her about how he&#x2019s linked to &#x201Cthe enemy&#x201D and asks her to be a part of him, stating that the people today they&#x2019re preventing are superior people today with households.

Pope (Ritchie Coster) comes on the scene and orders them to light-weight up the weapon, in spite of the simple fact that his people today are on the floor and will be killed by it, also. No quantity of pleading from Leah will persuade him to prevent, so, remaining with no decision, she kills their chief. In the meantime, Daryl requires treatment of the other Reaper on the roof. For a quick, shining minute it seems she&#x2019s on his aspect&#x2026 then she pulls a Kylo Ren in The Very last Jedi and picks up her radio, telling her remaining companions that Daryl killed Pope and that he&#x2019s with the enemy. When Daryl asks her why she did that, she points out, &#x201CYou would do everything to guard your loved ones. So would I.&#x201D So&#x2026 it&#x2019s secure to presume that they&#x2019ve almost certainly damaged up now, suitable?

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 8

Josh Stringer/AMC

In Alexandria, everybody&#x2019s hiding out in the most important residence from a torrential storm. All the things&#x2019s slipping aside as normal, so people today break up into groups to tackle a variety of challenges: Carol (Melissa McBride), Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Kelly (Angel Concept) go to maintenance the wall Aaron (Ross Marquand) and his workforce go to struggle the hearth Rosita (Christian Serratos) and a nonetheless-alive (yay!) Virgil (Kevin Carroll) remain guiding at the residence to protect it.

We only see what comes about to Rosita&#x2019s team, who close up battling a horde of walkers that descend on the residence. Seriously, Rosita does most of the battling. When matters glimpse in particular dire, she tells the team to allow her out and then near the doorway guiding her &#x2014 she then requires on at the very least a dozen walkers by herself. When she receives again within, she&#x2019s winded&#x2026 but ideally not bitten. Ideally.

However, that&#x2019s not the close of it. Whilst Rosita&#x2019s endeavours had been noble, the walkers do close up receiving in. Kids Judith (Cailey Fleming) and Gracie (Anabelle Holloway) wind up trapped in the swiftly-flooding basement, with h2o receiving in on 1 aspect of them and walkers guiding a doorway on the other. Uh-oh.

As the episode finishes, Leah will allow Daryl to escape and she phone calls off the Reapers who are nonetheless outside the house the compound. At 1st, Negan can&#x2019t feel their luck. &#x201CThey&#x2019re retreating!&#x201D he exclaims. &#x201CBut why?&#x201D Maggie concerns. &#x201CWhy&#x201D quickly turns into distinct &#x2014 Leah lights up the significant weapon, sending arrow just after arrow their way.

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 8, Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa

Josh Stringer/AMC

Other Observations

  • This midseason finale reminds me of Year six&#x2019s &#x201CStart to Complete&#x201D in that we&#x2019ve finished on a main cliffhanger with the fates of almost every single main character remaining in query. I&#x2019d be all right with that if we&#x2019d experienced an motion-packed time so significantly, but as it stands, sadly, this felt like a lackluster summary to a primarily lackluster 1st 3rd of Year 11.
  • I&#x2019d hoped &#x201CFor Blood&#x201D would see the summary of Maggie&#x2019s mission so we could expend time concentrating on the Commonwealth. The clearly show nonetheless has to adapt most of that arc. I&#x2019m not positive irrespective of whether 16 episodes is likely to be plenty of time to see it as a result of, and stability the Reapers for having said that prolonged they have remaining (is Leah likely to go just after Alexandria?), and solve the Maggie-Negan conflict, and ideally supply some responses about Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), and established up the Daryl and Carol spinoff.
  • Did the clearly show fail to remember about Alden (Callan McAuliffe)? It&#x2019s odd that TWD would depart his destiny hanging for this prolonged. I&#x2019m setting up to surprise if he&#x2019ll be on 1 of the crosses, or if he&#x2019ll have vanished with no a trace a la Heath (Corey Hawkins), and he&#x2019ll clearly show up when we the very least hope. This is an awfully prolonged hold out just for affirmation that he&#x2019s useless, which most followers have guessed.
  • Perhaps Alden will be with the CRM?
  • Rosita worried me this episode. I saved pondering about her desire about Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and how, if browse a sure way, it could spell her impending doom. It doesn&#x2019t straight away show up that she was bitten, but it didn&#x2019t glimpse like Carl (Chandler Riggs) was bitten, both, when that went down. Right up until we have affirmation that she&#x2019s fantastic, I&#x2019ll be anxious about her.
  • Ranking: two/five. It&#x2019s disappointing that the Reapers&#x2019 storyline is continuing, and I was hoping for responses about Alden and a little something &#x2014 even if just a snippet &#x2014 from the Commonwealth. I&#x2019m setting up to surprise how the clearly show is likely to tie up its myriad storylines in time.

The Going for walks Useless, Returns 2022, AMC

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