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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Gives the Squad One Final Heist in ‘The Last Day, Part I and II’ (RECAP)

[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s series finale, “The Last Day, Part I and II.”]

Loads of Brooklyn 9-9 enthusiasts have been bummed when they discovered out there wouldn&#x2019t be yet another Halloween Heist episode in the present&#x2019s closing time. But in &#x201CThe Final Working day, Portion I and II,&#x201D those people frowns really should transform upside down. There is, without a doubt, just one closing heist&#x2014it&#x2019s just not tied to a certain holiday getaway! And it&#x2019s crammed with all the hallmarks of those people legendary episodes: betrayals, twists, and even a several tearjerker times. Listed here&#x2019s how it comes about.

To get started, Jake (Andy Samberg) throws just one closing, &#x201Cnon-holiday getaway-connected&#x201D heist to rejoice Holt&#x2019s (Andre Braugher) previous working day. Terry (Terry Crews) states he can&#x2019t vie for the crown mainly because of his captain job interview, so he&#x2019s out (seriously, certainly &#x2014 no methods this time). They decide associates, and Holt finishes up with Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker), who seems as standard through an iPad from Brazil, and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller). Amy (Melissa Fumero), with Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Jake, with Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio). They contend for a medal that states &#x201Cgrand winner,&#x201D modeled just after Holt&#x2019s medal of valor. Whoever has the medal at midnight wins. They set the medal in a tube, and that appears to be that.

brooklyn nine-nine series finale, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz

John P. Fleenor/NBC

But there&#x2019s a trio of twists&#x20141st, Jake and Amy have prepared the entire point, mainly because they&#x2019re secretly functioning collectively. For the 2nd&#x2014Jake&#x2019s leaving the 9-9. He reminds Amy that he was fearful to have children mainly because he didn&#x2019t want to be like his absent father, so he desires to adhere all around and be there for Mac although Amy proceeds her occupation. &#x201CYou&#x2019ve acquired this amazing option, and you can&#x2019t do it midway,&#x201D he tells his spouse. &#x201CIt&#x2019s as well significant.&#x201D

The 3rd twist is that the heist is truly heading to be &#x201CThe Ultimate Goodbye&#x201D &#x2014 it&#x2019s a vacation down memory lane which winds up with entire squad at the Brooklyn Bridge. In buy for it to perform, he or Amy have to acquire the 1st leg, so they will need to get the tube 1st. The first aspect of the heist is a scavenger hunt committed to the previous 8 yrs of the squad via a sequence of clues they&#x2019re led to the vending equipment, Jake&#x2019s cannibal cellmate, Wuntsch&#x2019s grave, the space exactly where Jake manufactured the perps sing &#x201CI Want It That Way,&#x201D and, finally, the location exactly where Holt and Kevin reconciled and kissed.

They all operate out to the road, but a person&#x2019s currently taken the tube: It&#x2019s Gina! (And putting on a sweatshirt that states &#x201CSurprise Expose,&#x201D no significantly less.) Beneath the perception the heist is genuine, she places the medal in an armored truck and drives absent.


The squad now has to determine out how to split into an armored truck. Jake, with a magnet vest, at some point succeeds but Holt will get the keys to the truck by blackmailing Gina, telling her to hand them more than considering that her social media accounts have been hacked by Hitchcock and Scully. From there, he will get the medal from Jake and activates the magnets on his vest (mainly because of system, this is the heist and he offered the Jake the vest although in disguise). But all hope is not misplaced! Holt gave the medal to Cheddar, and Amy has a approach to get it back again. Besides&#x2026 Rosa betrays her and rides off with Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) to get the medal for herself.

There&#x2019s a fourth and closing twist. The entire episode, the groups have been heading just after dummy tubes that consist of sentimental presents for the squad, and Amy and Jake have been in command the entire time. But &#x2014 Charles discovered out Jake&#x2019s setting up to depart the 9-9, and he storms absent, betrayed and heartbroken.

From there, all people chases their goals. Gina usually takes Rosa to the airport to get Pimento right before he leaves, considering that Rosa states she &#x201Calways believed they&#x2019d conclude up collectively.&#x201D Jake goes just after Boyle to the location he 1st reported they have been very best buddies, and he provides him his present (a journal that declares them &#x201Cfancy very best buddies&#x201D). He later on provides Amy her present, as well, a necklace with a binder on it with tabs for their entire loved ones. But just after that, he cuts her out of the heist&#x2014he desires to established off fireworks, and she wouldn&#x2019t allow him. And that&#x2019s exactly where points go horribly improper. Jake mistakenly sets off the fireworks although he and Boyle are even now standing up coming to them. He wakes up in a healthcare facility with Amy standing more than him, relieved he&#x2019s awake. He&#x2019s adamant he requirements to get back again to the heist. Then, the bombshell drops: &#x201CJake, you&#x2019ve been in a coma for 7 yrs.&#x201D Besides&#x2026 it&#x2019s not real. Amy prepared the entire point&#x2014she knocked him and Boyle out and established up the healthcare facility established&#x2014and she cuffs Jake to the healthcare facility mattress.

Amy has a 2nd approach: She&#x2019s throwing Jake a excellent goodbye bash, and her betrayal of him retains the bash a top secret. Jake breaks no cost of the cuffs, and he hunts Amy down to get the tube from her, but she doesn&#x2019t have it: An individual else has taken it. They, and the remaining relaxation of the squad, monitor it (mainly because of system it has a tracker) to Brooklyn Storage Methods, the location exactly where they labored their 1st situation with Captain Holt. If that seems suspicious, it is: Holt has prepared the entire point.

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully

John P. Fleenor/NBC)

If you&#x2019re thinking what Holt has been up to this entire time, he was aiding Terry, who at 1st believed his captain job interview was phony and aspect of the heist, so he insulted his interviewer and stormed out. Then he returned to the precinct to vent, only to have Holt explain to him that was the genuine job interview. And he may possibly have just totally blown it. He and Holt hurry back again, and Holt provides a shifting speech about Terry&#x2026 only for the interviewer to rip off his wig (it&#x2019s Patrick Stewart!) and lock them in the space. It was seriously all aspect of the heist! He will get Terry to expose the spot of the tube, mainly because he is aware of it, mainly because he believed he wasn&#x2019t aspect of heist and Jake considered him. From there, Holt acquired the genuine tube.

&#x201CThe entire heist was a excellent goodbye approach,&#x201D Holt points out. He points out that he established up Terry&#x2019s phony job interview, he experienced Cheddar guide them to the Storage Methods warehouse, and then&#x2026 nope! It turns out Gina and Rosa have the genuine tube (they acquired absent from all people when Rosa reported she was heading just after Pimento, which she wasn&#x2019t, seriously). Her other accomplice? Monthly bill (Winston Tale), the lookalike Boyle from an previously heist.

And then&#x2026 nope, but once again! They all get betrayed by Monthly bill, who has the genuine tube, so they conclude up trapped in a storage locker. Jake unintentionally spills the beans that he&#x2019s leaving, which shocks the squad, but there&#x2019s no time to examine: They have to split out. Fortunately, Terry can bust via partitions, and he does, breaking the squad no cost.

They monitor Monthly bill to the precinct, exactly where they fulfill the real grand winner of the 9-9: Hitchcock. Of course, Hitchcock. He by no means seriously retired or moved to Brazil, and Monthly bill arrived by and offered him the tube for $40. This would make him the grand winner (yikes). &#x201CWe&#x2019ll generally have the recollections of our time collectively,&#x201D a deeply dissatisfied Jake states. &#x201CSo, I say we cling out, have a consume, and delight in currently being collectively just one previous time.&#x201D

So that&#x2019s what they do. Amy and Rosa have an psychological dialogue in which they trade platonic &#x201CI adore you&#x201Ds. Gina usually takes a bunch of diamonds from the proof locker. Hitchcock and Scully hug. And Jake and Holt have a previous dialogue&#x2014he displays that on his 1st working day, Terry advised him Jake was a excellent detective, but he couldn&#x2019t determine out how to mature up. Now, he has. &#x201CIf I experienced a son, and he turned out like you, I would be incredibly very pleased of him,&#x201D Holt states, bringing Jake to tears. Holt even would make the present&#x2019s closing &#x201CTitle of Your Intercourse Tape&#x201D joke (&#x201CI guess in the conclude, we rubbed off on each and every other rather a little bit.&#x201D)

At the conclude, they all get into the elevator collectively, and as the doorway closes, Jake smiles.

As an epilogue of types, just one calendar year later on, Jake and the relaxation of the squad appear back again to the precinct for yet another Halloween heist&#x2014mainly because even even though a great deal has adjusted, Halloween heists are everlasting. &#x201CWe&#x2019re in each and every other&#x2019s life permanently, no matter whether you like it or not,&#x201D Jake tells a bewildered, but joyful, Terry. And collectively, they all chant the only closing terms it would make perception for the present to have: &#x201CNine-9!&#x201D

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