Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Review: Disney+ Series Delivers a Feel-Good Story That’s Worth Giving a Shot


Whether or not lacing up in opposition to the peewee league’s elite Hawks, Workforce Iceland at the Junior Goodwill Video games or Eden Hall’s dominant varsity group, The Mighty Ducks designed a long lasting legacy as the scrappy underdogs who perform the sport relatively and nonetheless conclusion up on best.

The Mighty Ducks: Activity Changers (premiering Friday, March 26) flips the script on the legendary group, who are now the lousy fellas in the Disney+ sequence designed by Steve Brill (who wrote all a few movies). Now a powerhouse group led by Mentor T (The Descendants’ Dylan Playfair), the Ducks function below a cutthroat ideology in which successful is every little thing. In shorter, they have thrived extensive ample to see them selves grow to be the villains of the tale.

Enter the Really don’t Bothers, a new ragtag crew shaped when 12-yr-outdated Evan (Boardwalk Empire‘s Brady Midday) receives reduce from the Ducks. With assistance from his mother Alex (Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham), Evan starts off a group to problem the Ducks’ exhaustive gain-at-all prices mentality. The sequence captures the spirit of the OG movies by way of this new motley crew, who are not accurately all-star caliber but nonetheless have loads of coronary heart.

There is Sam (De’Jon Watts), a daredevil skateboarder who joins on a dare Maya (Taegen Burns), an acid-tonged Queen B who ditches her fellow necessarily mean women to perform Lauren (Bella Higginbotham), an offbeat fantasy-loving cosplayer Koob (Kasra Wong), a sheltered gamer whose button-mashing techniques have not however translated to truth Logan (Kiefer O’Reilly), the new child in city who appears the component but has no discernable hockey techniques and Nick (Maxwell Simkins), the witty podcaster-turned-hockey participant who’s all attraction and no athletic capability (and a single to check out!).

Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks: Game ChangersLike the OG Ducks, the Really don’t Bothers deficiency the techniques and the right machines to be severe opponents. They also really don’t have Mentor Bombay (Emilio Estevez) to information them, leaving the squad at an even even larger drawback than their movie counterparts. In the very first a few episodes screened for critics, we fulfill a Gordon Bombay who’s been damaged down by existence and hates all items hockey. He is having leftover birthday cake and can hardly continue to keep the Ice Palace (which he inherited from his mentor Hans) afloat. But even in this unfortunate point out, Estevez is nonetheless likable as the down-on-his-luck previous mentor. He is a curmudgeon comedic aid and a wonderful equilibrium to Graham’s earnest and similarly amusing mother/novice mentor. Estevez and Graham are a dynamic on-display pair, and Alex and Bombay’s unwilling partnership serves up loads of laughs.

Provided that this is a little-display continuation of a beloved movie franchise, the comparisons to Cobra Kai are inescapable. Both of those excel at locating attention-grabbing techniques to inform a common tale, and they also go the torch to an enjoyable crop of new figures. But while the Netflix sequence focuses on Johnny and Danny’s ongoing rivalry, Activity Changers positions the tale all-around its youthful hopefuls even though the grown ups fill the supportive roles. It is really an inspirational tale about a bunch of superior little ones (which includes Sway Bhatia’s pleasant overachiever Sofi) mastering to feel in them selves, even as the odds are stacked in opposition to them. And indeed, there are loads of Easter eggs – and even some cameos – but in the very first couple of episodes, the sequence hardly ever feels like it is really drowning in nostalgia.

THE TVMag Base Line: The Mighty Ducks: Activity Changers is a really feel-superior display that dutifully honors the previous, does not reinvent the wheel, and provides the comforting optimism we are all craving proper now.

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